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Will go to hell for…

Today at tennis practice my teammate got hit in the nuts with a very hard volley! He said he felt like serious damage had been done and was going to have to have the trainer take a look. Our trainer, who happened to a 25 year old girl, agreed to take a look if it was that serious. He said he needed some ice and a massage. As she pulled his pants down and began fondling his unit, you could tell he was loving it because he leaned back and a little chubbiness began to emerge. Realizing the hilarity, I whipped out my camera phone and began recording. After 2 minutes of recording the trainer realizes he has a full hard on! She yells, You sick fuck, before smacking him in the groin and then the face! 4 days and 188 comments later facebook banned the video for inappropriate content. Sorry Buddy. See you in hell!


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