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Will go to hell for…

I am a sexy, smart, college girl who refuses to date a guy who isn ‘t the same caliber. I came across a short, chubby, dorky little Jewish boy at a party who for some crazy reason thought he would be able to score with me! After amusing myself talking to this boy that night, the next day he invited me over for dinner at his house! I walked in and saw Mercedes Benz ‘s in the garage, game rooms, and big screen plasma TV ‘s! All I could think about was Dolla Dolla Bills, and maybe this boy was an opportunity for a girl to get her hustle on! I am the best at playing that game; free meals, shopping sprees, wild game tickets, and keys to his car! As valentines day approached, I began realizing he was falling in love with my fake hustle girl personality. I took his Valentines day gift, and then 15 minutes before our scheduled dinner I texted him saying, I don ‘t think it ‘s working out, your just not Valentines day material. Your either a hustler or someone that gets hustled!! See You in Hell!


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